This is a page that highlights the rules of the MusicTale Wiki. It is recommended that you look at this page if you are new to this Wiki.

Unless stated otherwise, you will be given a warning for breaking any rule. Break three rules, and you're banned.

Interacting on the WikiEdit


  • Be respectful towards others, please.
  • Discuss MusicTale related content ONLY. There are several other Wikis out there, so please take your discussions over there.


  • Post hateful messages of any kind.
  • Use excessive profanity(There are teenagers and probably children as well on Fandom!)
  • Post any sort of NSFW content(Pornography, excessive gore, etc.; as mentioned above, there are minors on Fandom(YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR VIOLATING THIS RULE).
  • Roleplay
  • Reveal anyone's personal information against their will.


General Edit


  • Vandalize(Adding false information, deleting content unless proven to be false, shitposting, etc.) any pages. If this page is vandalized, then YOU WILL BE BANNED INSTANTLY.
  • Add speculation to pages- unless there is sufficient evidence to back up the claim, keep it in discussions.
  • Create spam.
  • State your opinions on articles-keep your opinions in the discussions. The purpose of these articles is to inform, not to potentially start flame wars. Besides, a biased narrator is an unreliable one. If this rule is broken, you will get one warning only; violate again and you're banned.
  • Post anything unrelated to MT. Keep that stuff on discussions.

Galleries Edit

  • Fanart is allowed, but keep the following in mind:
    • No NSFW, please. Neither Panda nor the primary editor want to see that kind of stuff.
    • Don't share a person's fanart without their consent. This applies everywhere.
    • Credit the artist in the caption.
  • Make sure that the picture is related to the page subject. For example, if you're going to post a picture in the page for the Space Station, make sure it contains a part of that area.