Well, well, well, just as I finish typing up my previous blog about my second attempt to contact Panda, I go onto the user page for MusicTaleAU since they made an edit for the first time in forever and find that they're following the AntiSepticEye page I created. At first, I am flattered, by then I ask myself how they are following that page since it never said that they made an edit. I then look at their contributions and disclosed that they commented on the page:

2017-03-09 (2)

Well, I feel really stupid now; not only because I didn't realize this until after I made the blog and comment, but also because on that TRUST ME video, 6rr0r freaking said that she felt sorry for Kitty's mistake and was referring to HER CREATING ANTI. Of course, I responded to the comment apologizing for the mistake and corrected it alongside editing the comment I left, but now I worry that most of the info on here is false, which means that I am taking the Wiki rules that I created, and smashing them with a steel hammer........ I just hope Panda visits this Wiki more often so I can discuss MT with her and clarify some things..............

EDIT 3/10/17: She responded to me on YouTube! Unfortunately, she didn't give me an answer on whether I'm allowed to create fanart, but she gave out some interesting information on her decision to make Endiel a vampire mage in the Genocide Route. I did reply to her where I expressed my interest in "Intouchable", apologized to her about the false info on Anti's creation on here, and asked for permission to make fan content once more. I'm hoping she responds......
2017-03-10 (2)

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