Since Panda either didn't see or just outright ignored my post about the Endigo redesign, I decided to attempt to contact her again-this time via YouTube. To be specific, I put a comment down on her newest MusicTale video; Endigo's new Genocide theme "Broken Heart". Here's what I said:

"Nice job! This is probably going into my top 5 favorite MusicTale tracks. I find the idea of Endigo being a vampire mage to be facinating, but why only in the Genocide Route? I think making him a vampire would somewhat justify his pyrokinesis . Also, I will confess that I've been drawing fanart for MusicTale and even posted a redesign of Endigo I did onto my Twitter, and I just wanted to ask on whether or not you're cool with me doing that since you never responded on Twitter.

P.S: Have you looked at the MusicTale Wiki recently? I've been adding more info about the characters on there"

I apologize if you can't read that. I'm not really sure how to fix it, but I'm basically complimenting Panda and telling her that I support the idea of Endi being a vampire, though in all runs instead of just the Genocide Run. I also told her about how I've been doing fanart of the characters and briefly mentioned my Endigo redesign, and asked her if she's ok with me doing this stuff. Finally, I ask if she's been on here since I've been adding info onto here. She hasn't responded yet, and I fear that she won't respond to that comment either. She MIGHT have been on here recently if she is MusicTaleAU, as they just edited the "Who is Who?" section on the homepage filling in the roles of Frisk and Chara, but I highly doubt it since on the Tumblr post she made, she thanks whoever created the wiki. 

Also: R.I.P to my headcannon of Darkiplier throwing the instruction manual at Frisk after they spare him.

Another note: Happy birthday to Endigo!

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