MusicTale Endiel my Version

The Endigo redesign. I apologize for the bad quality of the photo.

Well, I finally attempted to interact with Panda.......

For a couple of months now, I've been working on a redesign of Musictale!Endigo. I first started working on a reference sheet, which I might upload as soon as I finish drawing out some concepts I had for him. I then began working on a remake of the actual artwork Panda did using my design, which I will upload once finished. Then, I worked on this piece, which will probably be the official artwork if Panda actually uses my design.

As you can see, there isn't much difference between the designs. Both generally have the same basic components like the violet jacket, black jumpsuit, and spiky blue/black/purple hair. However, the jacket has the delta rune symbol positioned at his chest, with the wings going off onto the sleeves(I will admit, that is a result of me having issues with proportions; I'm a crappy artist, ok?). Next, instead of his eyes being green, the right is red(Which comes from my idea of Endi's eye color changing based what magic he is using, red representing fire magic.) and the left one is blue. He also has a lip piercing like the real Endigo. Lastly, I gave him barefoot feet because Toriel doesn't wear shoes in the original game.

Now, since I'm actually somewhat comfortable with posting my art on Twitter, I grew the blue spheres(If you understand the reference, you win a virtual cookie.) to tag both Endigo AND Panda in the tweet. I'm not too concerned with how Endigo will respond because 1. He is usually very busy, so he ends up missing most of the tweets people tag him in, and 2. He seems to enjoy the fanart he does see. Panda's response, on the other hand, I'm incredibly anxious about because I don't if she's ever gotten art made for her and if she has, then I don't know how she reacted. I'm afraid she's going to be pissed at me for trying to take over the creation of the AU. I know it sounds like a pretty stupid reason, since she seems to appreciate people supporting her work, but I'm just a pessimist who sees the worst case scenario happening by default. However, if she does approve of it, I will do a digital remake since all of the MT art by Panda is done digitally and it will just look better. I need more practice with digital art anyways.

LightWing22 out.

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