I really should've posted this on Saturday, but it turns that things didn't go the way I had expected them to, so I'm doing this now. I'm really sorry for this inconvenience, but it's better late than never.

As the name suggests, I'm going on a temporary hiatus.......well, should I even call this is a hiatus? I'm not actually going to be inactive for much longer, about 5, maybe 6 days, depending on how I feel Sunday night. The reason for this is that I am on vacation with my family. It's not that the hotel Wi-Fi is terrible, I'm just constantly stuck with my family, meaning that we're always doing something to make the best out of this vacation. I'm not too fond of it to be honestly since I can't work on anything without a whole lot of distraction factors and because of concerns regarding the condition of our apartment(Let's just say some neighbors accidentally brought some Asian Cockroaches with them, you can figure out the rest). Plus, even though I don't really wanna be here, I still like some of things here, so I too want to make the most out of this vacation.

I'm really sorry if it looked like I abandoned this Wiki. I haven't, but I'm in a state where I can't really find the time to edit. I was actually going to make a bunch of edits Saturday since that was my last day before we left, but I ended up cleaning much than I expected and couldn't get the chance. I deeply apologize for this massive inconvenience,but I promise to get back to business after we return home Sunday.

With all my sincerity,


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