Let me begin with a good, long sigh. I'm really sorry for not making any edits on this wiki. All I will say at this moment is that there is a reason behind my absence, and, since we're talking about explanations now, that I'm sorry for not saying anything earlier. But, now that we got that out of the way, it's time to talk about the main idea of this blog: I'm going on an actual hiatus.

No, I don't mean that "Temporary hiatus" BS where I would just be gone for a week due to being on vacation in South Carolina, I mean an actual, long period of absence hiatus.

To start with why I'm doing this, it's very personal. I don't want to go into detail, because I'm not here to tell my sob story, but I will say that it has been really affecting my already low productivity levels. You might have noticed that, since I haven't made an edit in weeks, but considering how you haven't been commenting on my edits, even after I asked you to explain something I was confused about, I'm seriously doubting that you even visit this Wiki anymore. In other words, I'm going through a lot right now, and I need some time to cool down and sort myself together. In addition, I want some time to work on other projects of mine, including three Undertale AUs(This includes MTGT, though it's not my #1 priority right now), art practice and some literaty projects, mainly a BatAAr fanfic, a Hamilton fanfic and some band member one-shots.

I guess you're mentally asking "How long will I be gone?" right now. To answer that question, I'm honestly unsure at the moment; it depends on when I can earn enough motivation to actually become somewhat productive again. For all I know, could be gone for a couple of weeks, months, possibly a year or two, or hell, maybe I'll never return. Who knows?

Well, I hope cleared up a lot of things regarding this Wiki's status at the time being. I haven't abandoned this site, and I'm not going to let it die; I just need some time to myself before I can make effective progress. I will still be visiting this Wiki from time to time, in case you add something in my absence, but I won't be editing, no matter how much the grammar and diction irks me. Of course, when I do come back, I will be silent and just throw in another edit because I am a ninja. But until then, see ya.

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