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"The Final Reach" is a multi-crossover animated series-later fanfiction- created by the YouTuber, GrowlingPanda. The story revolved around the death of a cat named Sunstar, prompting a search party to form to investigate. In the process, they find the Celestial Necklace, bringing even more conflict to the table.

As of August 10, 2017, 4 episodes have been released, though a DM conversation between MusicTale Wiki editor LightWing22 and Panda revealed that there would be seven episodes total[1](Later revealed publicly in this tweet ), The 5th episode was in the works,animated like the previous episodes, but was likely cancelled alongside the game version of SEVENTEEN: Shining Diamond and the MusicTale animated series. It was later revealed

The first four episodes are a prequel to Venturiantails, while the fifth appears to be a prequel to MusicTale. Where the sixth and seventh episodes lie in the timeline are currently unknown.

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Duskstripe hastily approaches Amberfoot, telling her that he found one of her warriors and will be returning to her clan. Amberfoot shows approval, but warns him of Toxicleaf, who has been noted as rather unstable despite taking her medicine. Then, a character not apart of the scene(Possibly Toxicleaf) can be heard breathing heavily, before letting out a hiss and declaring that she has had enough, and kills Newleaf and Gingerpelt.

The next day, while everyone is in Fourtrees, Gingerpelt and Toxicleaf argued, resulting in the former's death. Afterwards, Sunstar, equipped with a bomb bracelet for unknown reasons, is possessed by Eclispe, who makes her fall down off a tree. The bomb bracelet diffuses, causing an explosion that kills Sunstar and also Toxicleaf.

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