The Space Station is a satellite that orbits the planet Bossatronia. It is the first area Frisk traverses in their journey to get home. At the beginning of the AU, they find themselves in a room of the space station due to reasons that have yet to be determined.

In MusicTale, the Space Station replaces the Ruins.

History(WIP) Edit

Main Story Edit

The protagonist find themself in a room of the astronomical structure after unknown events, and begin to make their way through to find an exit. Along the way, they encounter Endigo and Maya. When the player tries to exit the Space Station, Endigo blocks their way, attempting to protect the player from the dangers of Skystrike on Neutral and Pacifist Routes, or trying to stop their killing spree on the Genocide Route.

Geography(WIP) Edit

Windowed Room(Conjectural Title) Edit

Named by it's defining feature, the "Windowed Room" has a dull blue wall with rectangular window with gray borders, allowing one to see outer space. Not much else is known about this room. The room was first shown in Maya's official artwork.

Exit(Conjectural Title) Edit

MusicTale Endiel

The "Exit" is a gray room that as it name implies, marks or leads to the end of the Space Station. It has a large, light brown door with the Delta Rune symbol colored a darker shade of brown in the center. This room is shown in Endigo's official artwork.

Trivia Edit

  • The Space Station was the first area confirmed to appear in the AU[1]

References Edit

  1. "I am hoping for more themes on the way, but right now, I just have the main themes for the Space Station area which will be the first place that the player is introduced to once the full game is released."