"Skyborn Rocking" is an Electronic Rock remake of "Metal Dashed" that would've been the theme that would've have played on Endigo Skyborn's fight on all routes. It was eventually replaced with "Guitarache" and "At Endigo's Gate". The track was first released on May 16, 2016.

The song is planned to be used for a new project related to MusicTale[1].

Trivia Edit

  • A modified version of the song's main melody is used in the second half of "Guitarache".
  • The track was made after Panda had replaced Metal Dash with Endigo for the role of Toriel[2].

References Edit

  2. "You guys are wondering, why the heck did I decide to do a remake and change the song name. Weellll, I was thinking about putting Endigo, one of my top 5 FAVORITE Youtubers, into Musictale, and having him as the final boss of the Demo version (AKA, Space Station). Now the reason why I changed the title is because I switched roles with Metal Dash, so now, Metal Dash is most likely gonna be a shopkeeper person."