"Neutrology" is an original Ambient track that serves as MusicTale's main menu theme. It was one of the first MusicTale tracks ever revealed, released on February 4,2016 alongside Metal Dashed and Mechadrone. An updated version of the track that uses the Chiptune and Future Bass genres was later released on October 20,2016.

Over a year later on May 19, 2018, Panda put an "Official Successor's Release" on a Discord server shared by her and LightWing222.

Trivia Edit

  • It was stated that both versions were worked on by both Panda and her brother[1]
  • Currently, the Official Successor's Release is the only version not released onto Panda's YouTube nor Soundcloud.

References Edit

  1. "Yeah, so the project my brother and I worked on together wasn't like something revealing...", "This isn't a remix, this was an original theme that my bro and I worked on months ago."