"Į̛͟t̡̧̕'s̶͞ ̕͡k̷̡͢i͟l͞l ̧̀ǫr͏̵ ̷̀͘BE͞ k̨i̵̕l̨̕le҉d̶."

     -AntiSepticEye's philosophy[2].

AntiSepticEye is a soulless Bossatronian, later revealed to be the post-humorous incarnation of JackSepticEye. He is the first character Frisk encounters on their journey and is the main antagonist of MusicTale. He will also be a main character in the spinoff AU 6l17ch3d.

In MusicTale, AntiSepticEye replaces Flowey.


Physical AppearanceEdit

AntiSepticEye posses a humanoid figure with brown and green hair. The irises of his eyes are cyan, while the scleras alternate between black and white. His teeth are straight with the exception of two, small fangs. A piercing is present on his right earlobe, while it is unknown if his left earlobe has this as well. Anti's neck is cut open due to unknown reasons, leaving blood to run down his body. He is seen wearing a black jacket and a light green V-neck shirt with a yellow stripe going through the center. Like with most characters, the appearance of the bottom half of Anti is unknown. His entire figure also glitches out.


AntiSepticEye is a cruel and sadistic individual, making others suffer for his own pleasure. He only cares about himself, to the point where he is willing to eliminate anyone who tries to stop him. When he isn't trying to kill someone, he is manipulating them to do his bidding.

Powers, Abilities, and WeaknessesEdit



AntiSepticEye was first created as a result of Kitty attempting to revive JackSepticEye while his broken soul recovered. Anti then experimented on Kitty, creating 6r0wl1ng 3rr0r.

Neutral/Pacifist RouteEdit

True Pacifist RouteEdit

Genocide RouteEdit


6r0wl1n6! 3rr0r Edit

3rr0r is an experiment created by Anti sometime after his creation. Their connection is symbiotic, with 3rr0r gaining strength when near Anti, while Anti gets assistance from 3rr0r. 3rr0r shows strong loyalty towards Anti, and will follow all of his orders. However, Anti is also indifferent towards 3rr0r, and only uses her to achieve his goals. This treatment leads to 3rr0r feeling betrayed in the 6l17ch3d timeline and turning against him.

JackSepticEye Edit

AntiSepticEye is the alter-ego of JackSepticEye created after he was revived without a soul.

Kitty Rose Edit

Kitty is responsible for AntiSepticEye's creation, doing so when she tried to revive JackSepticEye without a soul. Not long after this, Anti began to experiment on his creator, giving birth to her alter ego. Despite being his creator, Anti treats Kitty much like he treats others. In the 6l17ch3d timeline, Anti is actively trying to kill Kitty as she tries to return him to his old self.



  • AntiSepticEye was the first MusicTale character to be revealed, appearing in the first teaser of the AU.
  • All of Anti's dialogue is typed in "Zalgofied" text.
  • Anti is said to be made of "a different kind of determination".