"An Immortal Glitch" is a Chiptune/Glitch Hop remix of the theme for the Kalos Power Plant and Pokeball Factory in "Pokemon X & Y". It is to be the battle theme for ImmortalKyodai on all routes. The song was first released on May 16, 2016.

Trivia Edit

  • Panda stated that the reason she chose to remix the power plant theme from Pokemon XY was because the real ImmortalKyodai was the biggest Pokemon fan out of her family and that Pokemon Sun and Moon versions were coming out in about 6 months when the track was released. She simply thought that track fit her personality the most[1].
    • Her personality is also the reason why Panda chose to make the track Glitch Hop[1]. To her, Kyodai's silly personality describes Glitch Hop, Moombahton, and Moombahcore.

References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 "...she is a bit of a fan of Pokemon more than her siblings, and a lot of people sent VenturianTale pictures of Kyodai and a pokeball with her for some reason. Yet, since Sun and Moon is gonna be released in November, which is like 6 months away, I wanted Kyodai's theme to be one of the Pokemon X/Y/Z themes, and the Power Plant theme seemed really perfect for her personality..", "So, pretty much, ImmortalKyodai has this sort of jumpy and silly personality, and this is described to me as Glitch Hop or Moombahton /Moombahcore (Like 100-115 BPM)." [NOTE: Check description]