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6l17ch3d(Full name "The Final Reach 6-l17ch3d") is a side AU created by GrowlingPanda, and also serves as the 6th book of The Final Reach series. The AU takes place in an alternate timeline of MusicTale where Frisk never arrives at Skystrike.


A powerful hurricane occurred, devastating most of Skystrike and preventing Frisk's travel to the island. AntiSepticEye still lives to seek Kitty's soul, whilst she is trying to rescue Jack once and for all. Although their mission is in the deep terror of Kitty's old lab, they both aren't alone.

Characters Edit

Kitty Rose- An ageless teenage girl; lives alone since Venturian got lost during the hurricane; special power is "Healing Current".

AntiSepticEye - A glitched alter-ego of Jack made of a "different" kind of determination; special power is "Mind Manipulation".

Kitcha Saventhes- Former scientist after the upper lab got destroyed by the hurricane; special power is "Magnetic Thunder".

Brandon Friesen- A mysterious fire mage; not from Skystrike nor Earth; special power is "Flaming Dragon".

Badga - Former knight after Skybringer got killed in the hurricane; now lives her life in Alto-Alto Village; special power is "Fighting Champion".

Endigo Skyborn- Former operator of the Space Station after the hurricane caused it to crash; now hangs at Chillby's; special power is "Vampiric Frost".

6r0wl1n6! 3rr0r - A glitchy alter-ego of Kitty made entirely of Anti-Matter; wants to help Kitty after being betrayed by Anti.

Lewis Skybringer - Lost King of Bossatronia; reasons for disappearance unknown

It has been confirmed that another character is to be announced in the future.